Edible Wild Plants by Thomas S. Elias

Edible Wild Plants
  • Author : Thomas S. Elias
  • Publisher : Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.
  • Release Date : 2009
  • Categories : Cooking
  • ISBN : 1402767153

Presents a season-by-season guide to the identification, harvest, and preparation of more than two hundred common edible plants to be found in the wild.

Edible Wild Plants by John Kallas

Edible Wild Plants
  • Author : John Kallas
  • Publisher : Gibbs Smith
  • Release Date : 2010-06-01
  • Categories : Nature
  • ISBN : 9781423616597

Edible wild plants have one or more parts that can be used for food if gathered at the appropriate stage of growth and properly prepared. Edible Wild Plants includes extensive information and recipes on plants from the four categories. Foundation greens: wild spinach, chickweed, mallow, purslane; tart greens: curlydock, sheep sorrel, wood sorrel; pungent greens: wild mustard, wintercress, garlic mustard,shepherd’s purse; and bitter greens: dandelion, cat’s ear, sow thistle, nipplewort. Dr. John Kallas has investigated and taught about edible wild plants since 1970. He founded WildFood Adventures (www.wildfoodadventures.com) in 1993 and is the publisher and editor of Wild FoodAdventurer. He lives in Portland, Oregon. The definitive work on growing, harvesting, and eating wild greens.

A Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants of Eastern and Central North America by Lee Peterson

A Field Guide To Edible Wild Plants Of Eastern And Central North America
  • Author : Lee Peterson
  • Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Release Date : 1999-09
  • Categories : Nature
  • ISBN : 039592622X

An illustrated handbook describes the most common edible plants, their range, uses as food, and suggested methods of cooking.

Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants by Bradford Angier

Field Guide To Edible Wild Plants
  • Author : Bradford Angier
  • Publisher : Stackpole Books
  • Release Date : 1974
  • Categories : Nature
  • ISBN : 0811720187

Identifies more than one-hundred plants native to the United States and Canada and offers advice on harvesting and preparation

Edible Wild Plants of Eastern North America by Merritt Lyndon Fernald

Edible Wild Plants Of Eastern North America
  • Author : Merritt Lyndon Fernald
  • Publisher : Courier Corporation
  • Release Date : 2012-05-04
  • Categories : Nature
  • ISBN : 9780486144474

Authoritative guide offers a detailed enumeration of 1,000 species of edible plants and ferns. How to locate, identify and use for soups, salads, desserts, seasonings, more. 129 figures. 25 plates. Bibliography.

Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants Mushrooms Fruits and Nuts by Katie Letcher Lyle

Complete Guide To Edible Wild Plants  Mushrooms  Fruits  And Nuts
  • Author : Katie Letcher Lyle
  • Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
  • Release Date : 2010-05-18
  • Categories : Nature
  • ISBN : 9780762763030

Edible wild plants, mushrooms, fruits, and nuts grow along roadsides, amid country fields, and in urban parks. All manner of leafy greens, mushrooms, and herbs that command hefty prices at the market are bountiful outdoors and free for the taking. But to enjoy them, one must know when to harvest and how to recognize, prepare, and eat them. The Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants, Mushrooms, Fruits, and Nuts provides everything one needs to know about the most commonly found wild foods—going beyond a field guide's basic description to provide folklore and mouth-watering recipes for each entry, such as wild asparagus pizza, fiddlehead soup, blackberry mousse, and elderberry pie. This fully illustrated guide is the perfect companion for hikers, campers, and anyone who enjoys eating the good food of the earth. With it in hand, nature lovers will never take another hike without casting their eyes about with dinner in mind.

The Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants Mushrooms Fruits and Nuts by Katie Letcher Lyle

The Complete Guide To Edible Wild Plants  Mushrooms  Fruits  And Nuts
  • Author : Katie Letcher Lyle
  • Publisher : Globe Pequot
  • Release Date : 2004
  • Categories : Nature
  • ISBN : CORNELL:31924094709270

How to find, identify, and cook them.

Edible Wild Plants Herbs by Pamela Michael

Edible Wild Plants   Herbs
  • Author : Pamela Michael
  • Publisher : Grub Street Publishers
  • Release Date : 2008-08-21
  • Categories : Cooking
  • ISBN : 9781910690628

A wonderful guide to finding and using these natural ingredients—for teas, cooking, and more. Exquisitely illustrated with full-color paintings of all the plants and herbs in the book, Edible Wild Plants & Herbs is both a cookbook and a field guide to the identification and use of foodstuffs from the wild. There are almost four hundred recipes covering nearly one hundred different plant varieties, and the illustrations—drawn from life by a leading botanical artist—show the edible parts of the plants at their peak time for picking. In addition, there is a calendar indicating what plants to look for at each season of the year, and information on where the plants are found and how to identify them. Covering plants from dandelion and sorrel to sea beet and samphire, this is both a cookbook and a field guide to the identification and use of foodstuffs from the wild. In the past, the home kitchen provided a family with all its medicines and cosmetics as well as its food, wine, pickles, and preserves. Our ancestors were resourceful and imaginative and very much in tune with nature; this book recaptures their harmonious, sustainable way of life by setting down for the modern reader all that knowledge and lore, plus recipes for soups, sauces, main dishes, salads, pickles, jams, and sorbets, as well as teas, syrups and lotions. Note to the reader: This is a fully revised and updated edition of the book previously published as All Good Things Around Us, and includes new recipes and information.

Edible Wild Plants by James Kavanagh

Edible Wild Plants
  • Author : James Kavanagh
  • Publisher : Waterford Press
  • Release Date : 2001-03
  • Categories : Nature
  • ISBN : 1583551271

Some wild edible plants have poisonous look-alikes, and it is important to know the difference when harvesting. Edible Wild Plants is a simplified guide to familiar and widespread species of edible berries, nuts, leaves and roots found in North America. This beautifully illustrated guide identifies over 100 familiar species and includes information on how to harvest their edible parts. It also includes a section on dangerous poisonous plants to avoid that have contact poisons that can blister skin. This convenient guide is a portable source of practical information and ideal for field use.

Edible Wild Plants of the Prairie by Kelly Kindscher

Edible Wild Plants Of The Prairie
  • Author : Kelly Kindscher
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date : 1987
  • Categories : Nature
  • ISBN : UOM:39015012654540

Provides information on identification and uses of edible prairie plants.

Foraging for Survival by Douglas Boudreau

Foraging For Survival
  • Author : Douglas Boudreau
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Release Date : 2020-10-13
  • Categories : Nature
  • ISBN : 9781510738355

Whether you’re a hiker taking a walk through your local wilderness, or a chef looking for new ingredients to incorporate in your dishes, Foraging for Survival is the book for you. As consumerism and a meat-heavy, processed diet become the norm and the world’s population continues to grow at an exponential rate, more and more people are looking toward a more sustainable path for food. Authors Douglas Boudreau and Mykel Hawke believe that the future of food lies in the wild foods of times spanning back to before the mass-agriculture system of today. People have become distanced from the very systems that provide their food, and younger generations are increasingly unable to identify even the trees in their backyards. In response, Boudreau and Hawke have provided a compendium of wild edible plants in North America. Foraging for Survival is a comprehensive breakdown of different plant species from bearded lichen to taro, and from all over the United States. There are also tips for growing local native plants in the backyard to facilitate learning and enhance table fare at home. Other information you’ll find inside: A list of different types of edible wild plants Foraging techniques Bugs and other grubs that can be consumed Warning signs of poisonous plants And much more! Start eating wild today with Foraging for Survival!

Florida s Edible Wild Plants by Peggy Sias Lantz

Florida S Edible Wild Plants
  • Author : Peggy Sias Lantz
  • Publisher : Seaside Pub
  • Release Date : 2014-06-03
  • Categories : Cooking
  • ISBN : 0942084381

This is a cookbook that focuses on gathering, preparing and cooking plants native to Florida.

Edible Wild Plants of Pennsylvania and Neighboring States by Richard J. Medve

Edible Wild Plants Of Pennsylvania And Neighboring States
  • Author : Richard J. Medve
  • Publisher : Penn State Press
  • Release Date : 2010-11-01
  • Categories : Literary Criticism
  • ISBN : 0271038411

Ralph Waldo Emerson defined a weed as a "plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered." To the wild-plant enthusiast who has discovered the virtues of many plants, there are relatively few weeds. After using this book, you will never again consider lamb's-quarters a weed. Instead, you will nurture it with respect and even encourage its growth in your garden. Edible Wild Plants of Pennsylvania and Neighboring States contains botanically accurate, up-to-date information essential for the identification of more than one hundred delectable wild plants. Each plant entry provides characteristics, habitat, distribution, edible parts, food uses, precautions, and preparation, followed by tasty recipes and interesting remarks about the plant's botanical history. The plants are arranged according to height, with the ground-huggers appearing first and the trees last. Each plant is also cross-referenced by common and scientific names. The authors have written this book with the novice forager in mind, including useful tips on foraging from where to search for food to precautions to take. They also provide a list of toxic look-alikes, a nutrient composition chart, and a glossary of terms.

The Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants by Department of the Army

The Complete Guide To Edible Wild Plants
  • Author : Department of the Army
  • Publisher : Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
  • Release Date : 2009-06-23
  • Categories : Nature
  • ISBN : 9781602396920

Enhanced with full-color illustrations, this comprehensive list details the identifying features, habitats, and physical characteristics of hundreds of edible plants found in the wild.

Edible Wild Plants for Beginners The Essential Edible Plants and Recipes to Get Started by Althea Press

Edible Wild Plants For Beginners  The Essential Edible Plants And Recipes To Get Started
  • Author : Althea Press
  • Publisher : Callisto Media Inc
  • Release Date : 2013-12-04
  • Categories : Nature
  • ISBN : 9781623152857

Wild plants are not only beautiful, but they can also be an affordable and sustainable way to add flavor and nutrition to your diet. Edible Wild Plants for Beginners provides you with the essential information and guidance to begin foraging for edible wild plants and including them in your diet. Edible Wild Plants for Beginners provides profiles of common edible wild plants and includes information on dangerous look-alikes, the best time to harvest, where to find each type of wild plant, and how to cultivate your own garden. From natural remedies to delectable dishes and exotic cocktails, Edible Wild Plants for Beginners provides more than 95 ways for you to use these newfound ingredients. Edible Wild Plants for Beginners will help you explore the world of edible wild plants and teach you how to use them in your home and kitchen, with: • More than 95 easy-to-follow edible wild plants recipes and remedies, including Amaranth Vegetable Curry, Pickled Jerusalem Artichokes, Chamomile Cookies, and a Purslane Martini • Tips for foraging, harvesting, and cultivating edible wild plants • Techniques for serving, preserving, and cooking with edible wild plants • 31 edible wild plant profiles, including descriptions, distinguishing features, preparation and collection tips, and common uses • 10 simple steps to making tinctures • A guide to identifying edible wild plants and avoiding common poisonous plants With Edible Wild Plants for Beginners, you'll be able to start living sustainably, saving money, and adding variety to your diet the way nature intended.

Edible Wild Plants by Joseph Erickson

Edible Wild Plants
  • Author : Joseph Erickson
  • Publisher : Independently Published
  • Release Date : 2020-08-27
  • Categories :
  • ISBN : 9798679300408

Have you ever wondered if plants could help improve your allergy symptoms? Have you studied foraging, but you're looking to learn more about edible and medicinal plants? Do you wish you had a better understanding of herbalism and what it can do for you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will want to keep reading. Herbalism is one of the oldest forms of medicine in the world. It is what our modern medicine is built upon, yet more people are afraid of it. Modern medicine has made us believe that plants can't heal us. While one should not completely erase modern medicine from their lives, because it does serve a purpose, it is possible to take care of some minor problems through the use of herbs. One way to bring herbalism into your life is to learn how to forage. Foraging will enable you to find wild plants and pick them at their peak of freshness, which will only help you to improve your life and health. You can also use this book as a guide. In this book you will learn: ★The history of herbalism ★How plants can be used to help heal ★The best wild edible and medicinal plants, and where to find them ★The different ecosystems in the US ★How different plants like different climates ★Poisonous plants to avoid ... And much more. If you are truly interested in learning more about edible foods and how to take your health into your hands, then don't wait any longer! SCROLL UP AND CLICK "ADD TO CART" to take the first big step in changing your life today.

Edible Plants of Uganda by P. M. Goode

Edible Plants Of Uganda
  • Author : P. M. Goode
  • Publisher : Food & Agriculture Org.
  • Release Date : 1989
  • Categories : Plants, Edible
  • ISBN : 9251027137

Edible Wild Plants Mother Nature s Delicacies by Detlev Dr. Henschel

Edible Wild Plants     Mother Nature   S Delicacies
  • Author : Detlev Dr. Henschel
  • Publisher : epubli
  • Release Date : 2016-05-26
  • Categories : Health & Fitness
  • ISBN : 9783737581110

A bestseller about edible wild plants translated by Philip Brown Edible Wild Plants Mother Nature’s Delicacies – Eat or Die! The second book by scientist and adventurer Dr Detlev Henschel is about edible wild plants, which might just save your life if you get into trouble –hence the subtitle: Eat or Die! Henschel's first bestseller was inspired by his 2,500-kilometre (1,500-mile) solo kayak expedition on the Baltic Sea to the Arctic Circle, where he had to make do with what he could find along the way. In the wake of the decline in EU-quality veggies etc. self-picked wild plants have become popular for everyday salads or even as delicacies from nature among nature lovers, hikers, foodies and outdoor fanatics, not to mention ambitious amateur chefs in the comfort of their own kitchens, too. In addition to the 136 most important edible European plants, over 300 species are listed in this book and depicted in more than 360 Leica-quality colour images. Moreover, the plants’ botanical characteristics are described to avoid any mix-ups with inedible (or poisonous) relatives. Where, how and when to collect the plants is explained and presented in a table to make them easier to find in nature and this eBook. Extensive information on the ingredients and the nutritional and homeopathic effects of each plant complement over 600 stomach-filling recipes (emergency rations) for hungry outdoor enthusiasts, while ambitious amateur chefs will find more than one hundred sometimes age-old gourmet recipes to try out at home. And as the book also includes amusing anecdotes and stories about the myths and folklore behind every single plant, the 600-page eBook also makes for a fascinating read in its own right.

Edible Wild Plants of Tanzania by Christopher K. Ruffo

Edible Wild Plants Of Tanzania
  • Author : Christopher K. Ruffo
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date : 2002
  • Categories : Wild plants, Edible
  • ISBN : STANFORD:36105122282853

Edible Wild Plants and Herbs by Alan M. Cvancara

Edible Wild Plants And Herbs
  • Author : Alan M. Cvancara
  • Publisher : McGraw Hill Professional
  • Release Date : 2001
  • Categories : Nature
  • ISBN : 0071368272

Ragged Mountain Press Pocket Guides are jam-packed with the no-frills, real-life advice and reassurance anyone heading out needs for a successful, safe, and rewarding trip. Designed for quick reference, Ragged Mountain Press Pocket Guides fit easily into a backpack, pocket, or dry bag, and are attractively packaged in water-resistant and tear-resistant covers. Ragged Mountain Press Pocket Guides offer the seasoned advice of some of the country’s most respected experts—an unparalleled reservoir of information in a compact package. Edible Wild Plants and Herbs provides concise, easy-to-understand details on the identification and edibility of 50 of the most common plants in the U.S. and Canada. Readers get a tutorial on preparing plants to eat and finding fresh water for cooking, as well as lists of common poisonous plants to avoid. Featuring sharp, revealing photographs that make identification a snap, this handsome field guide will be a cherished tool in every outdoor explorer’s kit.

Foraging New England by Tom Seymour

Foraging New England
  • Author : Tom Seymour
  • Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
  • Release Date : 2013-04-02
  • Categories : Nature
  • ISBN : 9780762793716

From beach peas to serviceberries, hen of the woods to Indian cucumber, ostrich ferns to sea rocket, Foraging New England guides the reader to the edible wild foods and healthful herbs of the Northeast. Helpfully organized by environmental zone, the book is an authoritative guide for nature lovers, outdoorsmen, and gastronomes.