The South Beach Diet Super Quick Cookbook by Arthur Agatston

The South Beach Diet Super Quick Cookbook
  • Author : Arthur Agatston
  • Publisher : Rodale Books
  • Release Date : 2010-05-11
  • Categories : Cooking
  • ISBN : 9781605290911

Now fast food is superhealthy, thanks to hundreds of brand new quick-and-easy recipes from the test kitchens of the South Beach Diet. From meal planning and shopping to prepping, cooking, and serving, you'll save hours of time with this speedy cookbook that makes leading the South Beach Diet lifestyle easier and more convenient than ever. With 200 family-pleasing recipes and 60 taste-tempting color photographs, you'll be able to serve up a fast, delicious, diet-conscious meal every night of the week. The South Beach Diet Super Quick Cookbook by Arthur Agatston, M.D. includes: • Grab-and-Go recipes for healthy eating on the go • Cook Once, Eat Twice dishes that maximize your time in the kitchen • Recipes for Two that minimize waste and leftovers • Nearly instant recipes that are ready in 15 minutes or less • Tips for Super-Quick, Budget-Conscious Shopping • Ideas for getting the most out of your pantry and freezer

The South Beach Diet Cookbook by Arthur Agatston

The South Beach Diet Cookbook
  • Author : Arthur Agatston
  • Publisher : Rodale
  • Release Date : 2004-04-13
  • Categories : Cooking
  • ISBN : 9781579549572

A companion to "The South Beach Diet" presents more than two hundred recipes that demonstrate how to eat healthfully without compromising taste, outlining the diet's basic philosophies and sharing personal success stories.

The Fast Metabolism Diet by Haylie Pomroy

The Fast Metabolism Diet
  • Author : Haylie Pomroy
  • Publisher : Vermilion
  • Release Date : 2014
  • Categories : Health & Fitness
  • ISBN : 0091948185

Beverly Hills nutritionist Haylie Pomroy has a long list of loyal celebrity clients - including Jennifer Lopez, Raquel Welch and Reese Witherspoon. With this book she reveals her red carpet secrets - and promises you can lose up to 20lbs in 28 days. On this plan you're going to eat a lot - and still lose weight. You're not going to count a single calorie or fat gram. Instead, you're going to rotate what you're eating throughout each week in proven plan designed to set your metabolism on fire. Phase I (Monday-Tuesday): Lots of carbs and fruits Phase II (Wednesday-Thursday): Lots of proteins and veggies Phase III (Friday-Sunday): All of the above, plus healthy fats and oils By keeping your metabolism guessing, you'll get it working faster. You'll see the weight fall off, your cholesterol drop, your blood sugar stabilize, your energy increase, your sleep improve, and your stress dramatically reduce. All thanks to the miraculous power of real, delicious, satisfying food! Complete with 4 weeks of meal plans and over 50 recipes - including vegetarian, organic, and gluten-free options - this is the silver bullet for anyone who wants to naturally and safely eat their way to a slimmer, healthier body.

500 Low Carb Recipes by Dana Carpender

500 Low Carb Recipes
  • Author : Dana Carpender
  • Publisher : Fair Winds Press
  • Release Date : 2002-10-01
  • Categories : Cooking
  • ISBN : 9781610580137

Low-fat or low-carb? A recent New York Times Magazine (July 7, 2002) cover story answered this question and said that Dr. Atkins was right all along, "its not fat that makes us fat but carbohydrates." Though the government has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in research trying to prove that fat is the cause of obesity, there has been a subtle shift in the scientific consensus over the past five years supporting what the low-carb diet doctors have been saying all along: if we eat less carbohydrates, we will lose weight and live longer. One of the toughest challenges of any diet is having enough variety and choices to keep the dieter from losing interest. The most common reason that people abandon their diet is boredom but 500 LOW CARB RECIPES: 500 Recipes, From Snacks to Dessert, That the Whole Family Will Love by Dana Carpender has more than enough recipes to keep even the most finicky dieter on track. With recipes for everything including hors dÆoeuvres, snacks, breads, muffins, side dishes, entrees, cookies, cakes and much more, this is an endless supply for creating meals for the whole family night after night. Whether everyone in the family is on a diet or not, these recipes are proven winners with adults and kids alike. Also included: Many one-dish meals for single people--main dish salads, skillet suppers that include meat and vegetables, and hearty soups that are a full meal in a bowl. Ideas for breaking out of old ways of looking at food with suggestions that save time and money and change what is considered a normal meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Information about where to find low-carbohydrate specialty products and descriptions of low-carb specialty foods found in grocery stores everywhere. An entire chapter that lists and describes low-carb substitute ingredients such as fats and oils, flour substitutes, liquids, seasonings and sweeteners. Dieters will be pleased to know that they can eat fo

The Pegan Diet by Mark Hyman

The Pegan Diet
  • Author : Mark Hyman
  • Publisher : Yellow Kite
  • Release Date : 2021-02-25
  • Categories :
  • ISBN : 1529329426

For decades, the diet wars have pitted advocates for the low-carb, high-fat paleo diet against advocates of the exclusively plant-based vegan diet and dozens of other diets leaving most of us bewildered and confused. For those of us on the sidelines, trying to figure out which approach is best has been nearly impossible - both extreme diets have unique benefits and drawbacks. But how can it be, we've asked desperately, that our only options are bacon and butter three times a day or endless kale salads? How do we eat to reverse disease, optimal health, longevity and performance. How do we eat to reverse climate change? There must be a better way! Fortunately, there is. With The Pegan Diet, a food is medicine approach, Mark Hyman explains how to take the best aspects of the paleo diet (good fats, limited refined carbs, limited sugar) and combine them with the vegan diet (lots and lots of fresh, healthy veggies) to create a delicious diet that is not only good for your brain and your body, but also good for the planet. Featuring 30 recipes, and plenty of infographics illustrating the concepts, The Pegan Diet offers a balanced and easy-to-follow approach to eating that will help you get, and stay, fit, healthy, focused, and happy - for life.

Suzanne Somers Eat Great Lose Weight by Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers  Eat Great  Lose Weight
  • Author : Suzanne Somers
  • Publisher : Three Rivers Press
  • Release Date : 2013-01-16
  • Categories : Health & Fitness
  • ISBN : 9780307833471

No one knows the self-denial--and the failure rate--of dieting better than Suzanne Somers. The Three's Company and Step-by-Step star struggled with her weight for twenty years. But now, after years of experimentation and consultation with more than one hundred nutritionists and dietitians, Suzanne has developed a weight-loss plan that truly succeeds. With over a hundred recipes for great-tasting creative and traditional dishes, Eat Great, Lose Weight will help you free yourself from food cravings, get off the diet roller coaster, and learn to love food again. You won't believe how easy it is to look and feel your best!

The South Beach Diet Quick and Easy Cookbook by Arthur Agatston

The South Beach Diet Quick And Easy Cookbook
  • Author : Arthur Agatston
  • Publisher : Rodale Books
  • Release Date : 2005-10-07
  • Categories : Cooking
  • ISBN : 9781605292854

The bestselling phenomenon continues with the newest South Beach Diet cookbook. Millions of people have been turned on to the healthy lifestyle that is the South Beach Diet. Followers of the diet have been asking Dr. Agatston for more recipes that are delicious, healthy, and fast, so he's created The South Beach Diet Quick and Easy Cookbook. Our time-strapped culture needs an effective plan for eating healthy meals at home again. Dr. Agatston delivers with 200 brand-new recipes that use 10 or fewer ingredients and require 30 minutes or less of cooking time. The cookbook offers a diverse range of healthy, easy dishes in all categories, including 25 all-new chef recipes from Miami-area restaurants. There are no more excuses for not joining the many others that have made the South Beach Diet work for them. The sound advice readers count on from the South Beach Diet name are still featured. The book provides practical timesaving tips and advice for how to eat well while staying on the plan. Also, phase designations and nutritional information are listed along with each recipe, so you're in control of what you're eating. Illustrated throughout with full-color photography, The South Beach Diet Quick and Easy Cookbook is for believers and newcomers alike.

The South Beach Diet Supercharged by Arthur Agatston

The South Beach Diet Supercharged
  • Author : Arthur Agatston
  • Publisher : Rodale Books
  • Release Date : 2008-04-28
  • Categories : Health & Fitness
  • ISBN : 9781605292878

Five years ago, with the publication of The South Beach Diet, renowned Miami cardiologist Dr. Arthur Agatston set out to change the way America eats. Now he has an even more ambitious goal: to change the way America lives by helping Americans become fitter as well as thinner and healthier . . . for life. In the all-new The South Beach Diet Supercharged, Dr. Agatston shows you how to rev up your metabolism and lose weight faster while following the proven healthy eating principles of the original diet: choose good carbs, good fats, lean protein, and low-fat dairy. Collaborating with Dr. Joseph Signorile, a professor of exercise physiology at the University of Miami, Dr. Agatston presents a cutting-edge, three-phase workout that perfectly complements the three phases of the diet itself. Based on the latest exercise science, this ease-into-it fitness program combines low- and high-intensity interval exercise (with a focus on walking) and functional core body-toning exercises. The result: You'll look fitter and you'll burn more fat and calories all day--even at rest. Also included is the latest nutritional research on how specific foods high in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and a host of phytonutrients help keep you healthy; new and expanded lists of Foods to Enjoy; taste-tempting Meal Plans for phases 1 and 2; and dozens of easy-to-prepare new recipes, including Eggs Frijoles, Chock-Full-of-Veggies Chili, Roasted Tomato Soup, Homestyle Turkey Meatloaf, and South Beach Diet Tiramisu. In every chapter you'll find inspiring success stories from real-life South Beach dieters and plenty of effective weight loss tips. And as an added bonus, Dr. Agatston answers the questions you've most often asked him about the diet since the original book was published.

Shred The Revolutionary Diet by Ian K. Smith, M.D.

Shred  The Revolutionary Diet
  • Author : Ian K. Smith, M.D.
  • Publisher : St. Martin's Press
  • Release Date : 2012-12-24
  • Categories : Health & Fitness
  • ISBN : 9781250036551

Dr. Ian K. Smith's Shred is the answer to every dieter's biggest dilemmas: how to lose that last twenty pounds? How to push through that frustrating plateau? What to do when nothing else is working? Here, Smith has created a weight loss program that uses all he knows about strategic dieting in one plan--like putting all the best players on the field at once to create a can't lose combination. Shred combines a low GI diet, meal spacing, and meal replacements. Those who follow Shred will constantly be eating (every three and a half hours!), four meals or meal replacements (soups, smoothies, shakes) and 3 snacks a day, over a six week program. Shred also introduces Dr. Ian's concept of "Diet Confusion". Diet Confusion, like muscle confusion, tricks the body and revs up its performance. In the same way you need to vary your workout to see results, switch up your food intake to boost your metabolism. No matter how often or how unsuccessfully you've dieted before, Shred: The Revolutionary Diet will change your life. Shred has taken the internet by storm, and thousands have already joined Dr. Ian's Shredder Nation, losing an average of four inches, two sizes or twenty pounds in six weeks. Utilizing the detox from Fat Smash Diet, the intense cleanse of Extreme Fat Smash, and varying food of The 4 Day Diet, Shred is a six week plan to a new way of life!

The Carnivore Code by Paul Saladino

The Carnivore Code
  • Author : Paul Saladino
  • Publisher : Houghton Mifflin
  • Release Date : 2020-08-04
  • Categories :
  • ISBN : 9780358469971

The Plant Paradox meets The Keto Reset Diet. In this best-selling book, Dr. Paul Saladino-a rising star in the Paleo and Keto communities-reveals the surprising benefits of a meat-based diet and shares a complete plan to lose weight, decrease inflammation, and heal from chronic disease.

The South Beach Diet Dining Guide by Arthur Agatston

The South Beach Diet Dining Guide
  • Author : Arthur Agatston
  • Publisher : Rodale Books
  • Release Date : 2005-12-27
  • Categories : Health & Fitness
  • ISBN : 9781605294483

Americans spend $440 billion eating out at restaurants each year, and as the American culture is increasingly on the go, we let diets fall by the wayside as we fuel up on fast food and convenience foods. Now, with The South Beach Diet Dining Guide, Dr. Arthur Agatston will give dieters a trusted resource to keep them on track wherever they go. The first part of the book features listings of over 75 of the most popular chain and family restaurants in America, including mall and airport listings. For each entry, the book provides an editorial overview and specific menu recommendations and nutritional information. The South Beach Diet Dining Guide focuses on what you can eat, not what you should avoid! The second part of the book covers suggestions on what to eat from different ethnic food categories, such as French, Italian, Mexican, Spanish, Indian, and Japanese. A bonus section for travelers includes an editorial overview and menu suggestions from South Beach-friendly restaurants in 15 of the most well-traveled cities: New York; Los Angeles; San Francisco; Boston; Chicago; Atlanta; Dallas; Cleveland; New Orleans; Kansas City; Minneapolis; Miami; Washington, DC; St. Louis; and Las Vegas.

Protein Power by Michael R. Eades

Protein Power
  • Author : Michael R. Eades
  • Publisher : Bantam
  • Release Date : 2009-10-21
  • Categories : Cooking
  • ISBN : 9780307573803

Join the thousands who have experienced dramatic weight loss, lowered cholesterol, and improvement or reversal of the damages of heart disease, adult-onset diabetes, and other major diseases by following this medically proven program. Protein Power will teach you how to use food as a tool for • Dramatic and permanent weight loss • Resetting your metabolism and boosting your energy levels • Lowering your “bad” cholesterol levels while elevating the “good” • Protecting yourself from “The Deadly Diseases of Civilization” (including high blood pressure and heart disease) And best of all, Protein Power encourages you to • Eat the foods you love, including meats (even steaks, bacon, and burgers), cheeses, and eggs • Rethink the current wisdom on fat intake (science has shown that fat does not make you fat!) • Stop shocking your body with breads, pastas, and other fat-inducing carbohydrates So prepare yourself for the most dramatic life-enhancing diet program available!

Digest This by Bethany Ugarte

Digest This
  • Author : Bethany Ugarte
  • Publisher : Rodale Books
  • Release Date : 2020
  • Categories : Gastrointestinal system
  • ISBN : 9780593136461

The unique and powerful Gut Reset diet plan for sufferers of IBS and digestive disorders that works to restore healthy gut function in 21 days. After years of severe struggles with IBS and gut dysfunction and finding no relief from the conventional methods of treating IBS (following a low-FODMAP diet, taking drugs, managing stress), Bethany Ugarte took matters into her own hands. She changed her diet with the help of a holistic doctor, eliminating all gut irritants and eating nutrient-dense, easily digested foods like Greek yogurt, bone broth, collagen, and pureed protein for maximum nutrient absorption. Her painful, debilitating symptoms disappeared. Now she's synthesized her hard-won gut health wisdom into a 21-day Gut Reset protocol and maintenance plan that works to "heal and seal" your gut, restoring digestive health. Unlike a traditional low-FODMAP diet, her Gut Reset program includes powerful techniques that help to ensure maximum absorption from foods, cutting out little-known irritants and integrating foods that your gut needs to heal. She offers meal plans, stress reduction techniques, and creative recipes that deliver maximum flavor and nutrients with minimal ingredients. Recipes include Cookie Dough Milkshake, Blueberry Protein Scones, Carrot Bacon and Eggs, Chili-Stuffed Spaghetti Squash Pasta, Paleo Spinach Dip, Pecan Pie Bread, and Sea Salt Butternut Fudge. No matter how severe your symptoms may be, Digest This will help you eat without stress or fear in just 21 days.

You Can Drop It by Ilana Muhlstein

You Can Drop It
  • Author : Ilana Muhlstein
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Release Date : 2020-05-12
  • Categories : Health & Fitness
  • ISBN : 9781940358505

Most Registered Dietitian Nutritionists Couldn’t Claim This— “I Lost 100 Pounds and Now I’m Sharing How I Did It with You!” MORE THAN 240,000 CLIENTS CAN’T BE WRONG! My name is Ilana Muhlstein and I wrote You Can Drop It! to help you learn my personal and proven system to drop weight and keep it off—without sacrifice—and it’s so simple that you’ll love it! This unique approach has become famous thanks to my renowned 2B Mindset program. The 2B Mindset is designed with the built-in ability for customization so that it is optimally effective and can work for everyone. It has already helped thousands of people lose weight—some more than 100 pounds—while never asking them to go hungry or cut out the foods that they love. You Can Drop It! doesn’t just give you the key knowledge you need to lose weight. It adds motivational principles and real-life examples and it’s the perfect complement to my successful program. No counting calories! No portion control! No feeling hungry! No off-limits foods! No exercise required! Finally—weight loss with FREEDOM! Here’s Exactly Why YOU CAN DROP IT! Will Work: You're going to feel full and satisfied. (You can still eat comforting foods, in big portions, and enjoy 50+ delicious recipes inside.) You’ll eat the foods you love. (Nothing is off-limits, not even dessert or a glass of wine.) You’ll be in control. (Say goodbye to emotional and mindless eating.) You can finally keep off the weight! (These powerful weight-loss tools will be yours for life.) The 2B Mindset method changed my life. I struggled with yo-yo dieting the whole first half of my life. I was always the big one in the group. By the time I turned 13, I weighed over 200 pounds, and I felt terrible about myself. That’s when I realized I had to break the cycle. Through trial and error, and lots of research, I discovered a simple and effective way to lose weight, while still eating large portio

Lose Weight Like Crazy Even If You Have a Crazy Life by Autumn Calabrese

Lose Weight Like Crazy Even If You Have A Crazy Life
  • Author : Autumn Calabrese
  • Publisher : Galvanized Media
  • Release Date : 2020-08-18
  • Categories : Health & Fitness
  • ISBN : 9781940358512

You can lose weight like crazy, and you can achieve anything! Autumn Calabrese shares the revolutionary step-by-step approach to lose weight that made her one of the top fitness and nutrition celebrities in the world. No cutting corners and no BS: In this book she reveals the personal struggles that shaped her approach to overcome excuses that led to this 30-day plan to succeed at weight loss, and life! Hey there! I’m Autumn Calabrese. I’m a Midwest girl, a single working mom who really had no business being in the business of health and fitness. But I found my passion in helping people achieve their weight-loss and health goals. I turned myself into a mini mega-mogul of nutrition and fitness with two of Beachbody’s most successful programs ever: 21 Day Fix and The Ultimate Portion Fix. I’ve led a crazy life and it’s still crazy—probably a lot like yours. I’ve faced tremendous hardships and disappointments that have deflated my self-confidence. But I’ve found a way to turn “failures” into “redirections” that have transformed my life. And you can do it, too! Over the past five years, I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people finally get control of food and lose 10, 20, 30, even more than 100 pounds with my breakthrough weight-loss programs. And, now I’m going to do the same for you! Imagine enjoying your favorite CARBS, WINE AND COCKTAILS, AND EVEN CHOCOLATE CAKE and still melt fat to build the lean, fit, healthy body you’ve always wanted! Here’s my proposition: Give me just 30 days of your time, trust my process, GO ALL IN, and see what happens to your body. If you’ve ever struggled to lose weight before, I know why, and I have the solution. Lose Weight Like Crazy is NOT a DIET. There’s Zero Deprivation. It works by automatically controlling your portion sizes, eliminating those unhealthy, sugary processed foods that trigger cravings, and filling you up on a proven ratio of healt

The Ultimate Meal Prep Cookbook by America's Test Kitchen

The Ultimate Meal Prep Cookbook
  • Author : America's Test Kitchen
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date : 2021-03-02
  • Categories : Cooking
  • ISBN : 1948703580

25 meal plans and 130 recipes strike just the right balance of guidance and flexibility for simple (but realistic) meal planning. With minimal shopping and no food waste, these meals are easier, healthier, less expensive, and full of fresh modern flavors. Meal prep and planning have become critical skills for our busy lives, but often the meal-prep promise doesn't deliver, with rigid rules for what to buy and cook or vague, unhelpful instruction. Our game plans change all that, teaching you practical meal-prep that makes your life easier: Prep all your vegetables and grains for the week in a Sunday "power hour," make and freeze full meals, double meal components to freeze half for later, and more. Follow one of 25 weekly plans (complete with shopping lists, five-meal menus, and prep and substitution guides) to grocery-shop and strategize delicious meals that everyone will enjoy. With a shopping list of a dozen items and on-hand pantry ingredients, you can make Crispy Chicken with Spiced Carrot, Orange, and Chickpea Salad; Greek Meatballs with Lemon-Herb Orzo; Teriyaki Stir-Fried Beef with Green Beans and Shiitakes; Herb-Poached Salmon with Cucumber-Dill Salad; and Skillet-Baked Mac and Cheese. Every recipe minimizes active kitchen time so that you can have dinner on the table with a minimum of last-minute cooking. And a pantry chapter offers 30 meals that can be made as the week's fifth meal (or anytime), without adding anything to your weekly grocery list. If you don't want to commit to a full meal plan, each recipe offers complete prep-ahead and cook-ahead tips so you can mix and match according to your needs. The thorough introduction shows you how to create a strong pantry and make the most of it, plus walks you through what ingredients can be prepped ahead (and how to do it), food storage and safety, portioning, reheating, essential equipment, and more.

Breakfast Ideas by recipes for breakfast

Breakfast Ideas
  • Author : recipes for breakfast
  • Publisher : simple cookbook
  • Release Date : 2019-09-09
  • Categories : Cooking
  • ISBN :

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The Vegan Planet Revised Edition by Robin Robertson

The Vegan Planet  Revised Edition
  • Author : Robin Robertson
  • Publisher : Harvard Common Press
  • Release Date : 2014-02-11
  • Categories : Cooking
  • ISBN : 9781558328327

When it first appeared in 2003, Vegan Planet revolutionized animal-free cooking. Robin Robertson's pioneering book played a leading role in the passage of veganism from subculture to mainstream culinary lifestyle. Its breadth and variety of fantastically flavorful food not only gave vegans what they craved, it gave them food they could serve up happily to their non-vegan family members and friends. One decade and more than 100,000 copies later, this important classic is back in a thoroughly revised edition. Vegan cookbooks are big sellers today, but in a thicket of topical and niche titles there's a need for an everyday cooking bible on which vegan cooks can rely. The new Vegan Planet meets that need handsomely. Robertson's extensive updates cover such things as: the newly expanded range of whole grains that are available; super greens, such as kale and chard, that are rising in popularity; new facts concerning which cooking oils are healthiest and most earth-friendly; and new saucing and flavoring ideas from the global pantry. Throughout, there's the spirit of adventure and of culinary creativity that has cemented Robertson's reputation at the top of the vegan pantheon.

Mastering Mindful Eating by Michelle Babb

Mastering Mindful Eating
  • Author : Michelle Babb
  • Publisher : Sasquatch Books
  • Release Date : 2020-12-01
  • Categories : Body, Mind & Spirit
  • ISBN : 9781632172952

A nutritionist explains how to practice mindful eating for improved health, calm, and reaching your healthiest weight. Forget counting calories, strict portion control, and restrictive diet plans. Say goodbye to yo-yo dieting forever. Eating a sandwich while running from a bear isn't good for digestion or nutrition. That's exactly what we're doing when eating a meal on the run or being distracted by computers, TVs, and newspapers. Rather than nourishing our bodies, we are feeding anxiety and poor habits that prevent our systems from functioning well. Author and registered dietitian Michelle Babb shows you how to practice mindul eating that lets your body access the nutrients from food and turn on its self-regulating system. It's the sustainable way to shed pounds and maintain your healthiest weight. When you build a positive relationship with food, you reduce binge and emotional eating. Included in the book are 30 recipes designed to enhance your introduction to mindful eating by engaging all the senses.

The Power Plate Diet by Erin Oprea

The Power Plate Diet
  • Author : Erin Oprea
  • Publisher : Rodale Books
  • Release Date : 2021-01-12
  • Categories : Cooking
  • ISBN : 1984824546

A simple, targeted diet plan that balances your plate to reduce inflammation and help you get healthy, from celebrity trainer Erin Oprea. After publishing her popular diet and exercise book The 4 x 4 Diet, Erin Oprea discovered the link between food and inflammation and the huge impact it has on our bodies. Chronic inflammation can lead to inflamed fat cells that are unable to release fat and produce unhealthy levels of hormones, causing weight gain. Foods like sugar, vegetable oil, refined flour, grain-fed meats, seed oils, and dairy products are often the true culprits of inflammation. The good news is that by prioritizing clean foods like lean proteins, omega-3 fats, healthy carbs, and antioxidant-rich veggies in your diet, you can reverse the damage and shed the weight. In The Power Plate Diet, you'll be able to cool inflammation by removing reactive foods and combining the healthiest proteins, carbs, and fats for the most powerful plate possible. Using a few simple guidelines, you have the freedom to make your plates as creative as you'd like with nutrient-dense foods that keep your body free of inflammation. The Power Plate Diet includes a four-week meal plan, tips and tricks like carb substitutes and diet boosters (such as beet juice!), and the exercises and lifestyle principles that work for Erin and her clients. With a balanced, effective approach to diet and exercise, you'll eat clean and fat-proof your body for a healthier, trimmer you.

The 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Plan by Andy DeSantis

The 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Plan
  • Author : Andy DeSantis
  • Publisher : Rockridge Press
  • Release Date : 2020-05-26
  • Categories : Cooking
  • ISBN : 1646115708

Fasting for weight loss--a simple, effective, and satisfying plan for your health Fasting is a practice with ancient roots, and its health benefits are enjoyed by people all over the world. Discover the benefits for yourself with The 21-Day Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Plan. This easy-to-follow plan, complete with healthy recipes, shows you how to begin your intermittent fasting practice--and how regular breaks from food can support your health and weight loss goals. Learn more about the science of intermittent fasting and why this dynamic tool can help you lose weight and improve your quality of life. Explore three daily and three weekly intermittent fasting types, each between 12 and 36 hours long, and find out how to implement them for your unique body and lifestyle. This complete guide even includes a wide variety of nourishing recipes for breakfast, soups and salads, veggie and meat mains, snacks, and fast-friendly drinks. The 21-Day Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Plan includes: Customizable choices--The flexible 21-day fasting plan includes weekly schedules for each of the six intermittent fasting styles, giving you plenty of ways to mix and match. 75+ flavorful recipess--Stay nourished with wholesome recipes like Fresh Pea & Mint Soup with Greek Yogurt, Honey Sesame Salmon with Bok Choy, Blueberry-Green Tea Smoothie, and many more. Plan to get moving--A variety of cardio and bodyweight exercises with easy-to-follow illustrations help you combine intermittent fasting and physical activity for better results. Embrace fasting and enjoy your meals more than ever with The 21-Day Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Plan.